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It’s an undisputed fact that the ladies of SC&P (with the occasional exception of Peggy Olson) have impeccable style. Joan’s had her ups and downs (more downs than ups, unfortunately), but her expertly-fitted, worn-with-confidence get-up has rarely wavered. She took a little longer getting into the ’70s feel than some people (ahem, Megan), but this episode showed her going out of her comfort zone with a twist on her standard look. She’s still dressed in a floral sheath dress (a look she’s favored since season 1), but this time, she’s added a rather pronounced Peter Pan collar and some decidedly on-trend footwear – and her blithe “But I’m wearing boots” remark to Bert Cooper (remember, his Japanophile office is shoes-off) only seeks to point out her truly fabulous black patent leather go go boots.

Maybe it’s that Peter Pan collar, but there was almost something disarmingly Peggy-ish about this look. However, as always, Joan has the upper hand in the style department – instead of looking like an out-of-place Catholic school girl, she looks supremely trendy. After a few missteps last season (her forays into menswear-inspired suiting and ruffles weren’t always the most flattering), we’re hoping this spot-on outfit (along with her new second floor office) bode well for Ms. Harris this season!

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