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There’s no doubting that style queen Jess Day has something of a corner on the whole cutesy-retro thing. But you know what else she’s got a lock on? Sleepwear! Yes, when it comes to pajamas, Ms. Day is undoubtedly the best-dressed gal around. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if she started a whole pajama revolution – let’s all throw out those threadbare, 5 year-old 5K run-walk extra-large t-shirts, and head to J. Crew for a crisp cotton set of seersucker PJs!

As New Girl takes place in a loft, it makes sense that we’d be seeing a lot of Jess in loungewear. Apparently, early drafts of New Girl had Jess relaxing in the loft in sweats, but once ultra-girly Zooey Deschanel became attached with the project, it became clear that that just wasn’t going to fly: Deschanel’s Jess simply isn’t the type to watch TV in her college sweatpants (gasp – can you imagine?). And thus, her now-infamous matching pajama sets were born.

She has them in just about every print imaginable – pastel parrots, white with red hearts, bicycles, Candyland, navy blue with tiny white stars – and perhaps most notably, plaid and polka dots aplomb in every color of the rainbow. Add them to the perfectly undone hair and vintage-inspired frames that make up the rest of her kickin’-around-the-loft look, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

It all brings to mind the scene in The Heat where Melissa McCarthy’s character misidentifies Sandra Bullock’s character’s satin pajama set for a “pantsuit,” then proceeds to hit the nail on the head with the memorable zinger, “I didn’t realize you slept in a tux.” Although in Jess’ case, it’s less pantsuit/tux and more devastatingly adorable/twee, there’s something inherently charming about someone who so carefully curates their pajama collection.